What Was David Lloyd George's Involvement in World War I?


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At the outset of the war, David Lloyd George's involvement was to speak against Great Britain being involved in any altercations that arose from the troubles in Europe, but with the invasion of Belgium the country had no choice and George became a voice for victory of the Allies. The formation of the government in Britain changed and when it did, George became the Master of Munitions and Minister of War in 1916.

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This wasn't the last change in the government or the last change for George. The people were unhappy with the current set up and at the end of 1916 he became prime minister. Winston Churchill actually served as George's minister of Munitions during this period. When the war ended, George fought for the people of Britain's wishes when the time to sign the treaty. The people of Great Britain wanted harsh terms for the Germans to repay for the losses and suffering their people had endured. The idea was that with the harsh requirements that the treaty called for the Germans would be unable to bring a force together again to wreck havoc on Europe in such a manner. The British took control of many of Germany's colonies and territories as part of the treaty as well.

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