What Are the Cultural Achievements of Ancient Ghana?

One of the most famous cultural achievements of ancient Ghana was the beautiful gold jewelry they created. They were tolerant of different faiths and traditions and had a fairly elaborate system of government overseen by a king.

Ancient Ghana was also famous for its ironworking abilities. They produced iron weapons, such as spears, that were superior in quality to those made by many other kingdoms. They also used iron to create plows and other agricultural implements, which allowed them to increase their yield and contributed to their wealth.

The rulers of Ghana typically followed traditional religion, but they welcomed Muslims in the kingdom and incorporated many techniques pioneered by Islamic scholars. This included using a system of prime ministers, mayors and other administrators to govern efficiently. They also welcomed Arabic writing and numerals, as well as scientific discoveries. Their army was well-disciplined, and their military strategies were educated and generally successful.

Wealthy people in ancient Ghana had elaborate palaces and homes. They were famous for their wealth, with stories of dogs wearing gold collars and horses having braided silk halters being shared by traders. This wealth had its roots in the kingdom's natural wealth of gold, salt and farmland, but it was increased by elaborate trade networks. They traded with people as far away as Europe and Asia.