How Does "The Crucible" Relate to McCarthyism?

crucible-relate-mccarthyism Credit: Getty Images/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Arthur Miller's "The Crucible" was his response to the level of fear and over the top reactions that McCarthyism had brought on America in the 1950s. Arthur Miller was called up for questioning by the HUAC, or House of Un-American Acts Committee, in 1956 where he was cited with contempt of Congress for refusing to name names on possible Communist sympathizers.

Miller's soon-to-be wife at the time, Marilyn Monroe, was another factor in the author being called up to testify. A chairman on the HUAC committee offered to dismiss Miller's trial if he had Miss Monroe take a picture with him. Miller used "The Crucible" to show the similarities between the mass fear and abuse of power in the Salem Witch Trials to parallel what was happening in the United States with McCarthyism.