For Which Country Did Amerigo Vespucci Work?


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Amerigo Vespucci explored for both the Spanish and the Portuguese governments. Though historians debate if he actually made all the voyages attributed to him, they agree that he sailed for both countries at least one time each.

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Vespucci claimed in a letter that he made a voyage that discovered Venezuela under the Spanish flag in 1497; this letter, however, is highly controversial, and many people believe that the events it recounts are inauthentic. However, he did make a trip to the New World in 1499, sailing for the Spanish crown. On this trip, his ships explored the coast of South America, perhaps as far down as Brazil. He made at least two later trips in 1501 and 1504 for King Manuel I of Portugal, discovering Rio de Janiero, Rio de la Plata and a number of other important South American locales.

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