What Countries Were in the Central Powers?

The countries that made up the Central Powers were the German Empire, the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the Ottoman Empire and the Kingdom of Bulgaria. These countries were called the Central Powers because of their geographical location.

The countries that were considered the Central Powers banded together because of their geographical location and because they had a pride and loyalty to each other as the result of past losses. They were located in between the Russian Empire and Great Britain and France. The Russian Empire was located to the east of the Central Powers and Great Britain was to the west of the Central Powers.

The group of countries were positioned between three major players from the allies in World War I. The countries that made up the allies and were focusing their efforts against the Central Powers were France, Great Britain, Russia and Italy. The allies also included smaller countries and territories, but the four main players were all located in Europe. As the war raged on, the United States could no longer maintain the neutrality that it promised. The U.S. got involved with World War I in 1917 when it joined the allied forces that were fighting against the central powers.