Why Do Countries Want to Join the European Union?

Countries may wish to join the European Union (EU) to enjoy the benefits associated with membership. Some of the benefits include freedom to move to member countries, lowered product prices and better employee rights.

Citizens of the various countries enjoy the freedom to move to any of the EU member countries without having to meet strict requirements. These citizens may move for the purpose of employment, education or to set up a business.

Another reason countries may wish to join the EU is that commodity prices are significantly lowered. This is possible because the EU creates a single market for all members meaning certain taxes are eliminated.

Joining the EU gives countries a better platform to air their international concerns. Since member countries work together in dealing with important issues, it is likely that the international community will pay attention to the EU voice.

Countries that are not well developed can benefit by joining the EU and receiving assistance with regards to funding and logistics. This is usually done through the European Structural Fund.

As countries join the EU, more jobs are created for the citizens. The issue of unemployment is therefore effectively dealt with when a country is admitted into the Union.