Could the Holocaust Have Been Prevented?

could-holocaust-prevented Credit: Sovfoto/Universal Images Group/Getty Images

The question of whether or not the Holocaust could have been prevented is still greatly contested by scholars. Some believe that the Holocaust could have been prevented if the Allies had shown more interest in Hitler's actions sooner. Others believe that it could have also been prevented if the Treaty of Versailles had been less severe on Germany. Still others think it was inevitable.

One view on the inevitability of the Holocaust is actually put forth by the Jewish community itself. It points to the fact members of the Jewish community took extensive efforts to stop Hitler's abuses toward the Jews, but the movement fell apart because the two factions of which it was comprised could not agree on whether to take action to pursue economic relief and freedom from Nazi actions or to attempt to save their fellow Jews. Those scholars who believe the Holocaust could have been prevented largely point to the ambivalence of France, England and Russia in the early part of Hitler's push for power. Germany had received most of the blame for World War I and was left a weak nation without the stability to rebuild. It is argued that Hitler obtained support from the German citizens because he gave them hope of being able to rebuild.