What Are the Contributions of Ancient Egypt to the World?

Some of ancient Egypt’s contributions to the world include the 24-hour day, a 365-day calendar year and systematic medicine. In addition, ancient Egyptians were among the first to use mathematical numbers, and they introduced simple machines like the ramp and lever.

Some of ancient Egypt’s key contributions to the world include:

  • They divided day and night into 12 equal divisions, which led to the introduction of the 24-hour day.
  • Ancient Egyptians introduced a 360-day year, which eventually gained 5 more days from the Ancient Greeks. While they did not introduce the 365-day year themselves, they were the first to implement such a concept.
  • Imhotep, an ancient Egyptian priest, became the first person to introduce the concept of documented and systematic medicine. As such, he is often seen as the father of medicine. This led to the use of herbs and surgical practices for certain diseases and the development of the same systematic approach the world uses today.
  • Ancient Egypt introduced basic technological concepts that the world still relies on, including ramps and levers, which were used to build pyramids.
  • The ancient Egyptians were among the first civilizations to use mathematical numbers. Historians studying the era believe ancient Egyptians concerned themselves with the practical use of math, such as dividing loaves between people.