Does a Complete List of Christopher Columbus's Crew Members Exist?

A list of Christopher Columbus' crew for the Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria, the three ships that sailed on Columbus' first voyage, does exit. As of 2014, no records have been found indicating the crew members of subsequent voyages.

There are actually two lists of Columbus' crew, compiled by two different people. One list of names was collected by John Boyd Thacher, and the other more recent list was created by Alice Bache Gould. There were a total of 87 crewmen on the three ships. Four of them took advantage of an offer from the Spanish sovereigns. The deal offered them amnesty of their crimes if they agreed to become one of the crew members. This deal was offered to many convicts, but only four accepted the deal.

The first crews were made up of various professions. There were pilots, or captains, apprentices, servants, seamen, doctors, carpenters, cabin boys, surgeons and owners of the ships. The pay the crew members received depended on what their duties were while on the ship. Some of the names of the crew on the lists may not be the actual names. In that time, many were known by their given name and then the name of the province or city they were from. For example, Christopher Columbus' real name was Christobal Colon.