When Was the Colosseum Built in Rome?

The construction of the Roman Colosseum started between 70 and 72 A.D. Emperor Vespasian commissioned the Colosseum as a gift to the Roman people. In 80 A.D., Vespasian’s son, Titus, officially opened the Colosseum to the public. In 82 A.D., Domitian completed the arena by adding the amphitheater’s uppermost story.

Upon opening the Colosseum, Titus ordered 100 days of games that included wild animal fighting and gladiator combats. The Colosseum remained in active use for four centuries. Later, it was neglected and used as a source of building materials. Two-thirds of the original Colosseum have been destroyed due to vandalism and natural disasters; however, the Colosseum still remains a popular tourist destination as of 2014.