What Are Some Facts About the Colorado State Flag?


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The Colorado state flag was first adopted on June 5, 1911, but did not have a finalized design for nearly five more decades. Debate continued after its adoption concerning what colors should be used to decorate the flag, as well as the size and position of the letter C.

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Prior to the adoption of the official state flag of Colorado, unofficial variations existed. These variations included imagery of mountains and mining tools, and included the motto "Nothing without providence." The Colorado state flag most commonly known today was adopted to be used at all times when the state was being publicly represented.

The modern flag was originally designed by Andrew Carlisle Johnson for adoption by the Colorado 1911 legislature. However, at the time of adoption, the colors of red and blue were not assigned to the flag. It was not until Feb. 28, 1929, that the General Assembly designated the colors of red and blue to the Colorado state flag.

Further modification of the flag occurred on March 31, 1964, when the General Assembly modified the size of the letter C. Prior to this modification, the state flag was presented in a variation in which the letter C was located in the center of the white stripe, rather than laid over the center stripe and the adjacent fields of blue.

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