What Was the Clothing in the Middle Colonies?


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Clothing in the middle colonies was made from materials such as wool, linen or leather, and was simple yet sturdy. The clothing style varied depending on the person's status in the community. For example, indentured servants wore clothing quite different than that of wealthy landowners or even farmers.

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In colonial times, slaves wore whatever their owners chose to give them. The clothing was plain, durable and functional. Women usually wore some type of cotton dress, a cotton or wool apron and a head wrap. Men wore wool or cotton trousers, a shirt made from the same material and a straw hat. Rarely were slaves given shoes to wear.

White families or free slaves who worked the land had a bit more choice, but still did not have much money to purchase fine fabrics. Most of their clothing was made by hand. Women wore sturdy leather shoes, heavy stockings, cotton petticoat, cotton dress and a straw hat. Men wore pants and shirt of either cotton or wool, leather shoes and a straw hat.

Wealthy families could afford clothing made of finer material such as silk or linen. Women wore colorful dresses over hoop petticoats made of silk, silk stockings and fabric shoes. Linen or silk trousers, silk or lace shirts, a silk vest and silk or leather shoes made up the attire for men of this stature.

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