What Clothing Did the Miami Indians Wear?

What Clothing Did the Miami Indians Wear?

Miami tribe clothing consisted of skirts and leggings for women and breechcloths and leggings for men. Shirts were worn by both male and female Miami, particularly when temperatures dropped. Attached to their shirts, women also wore elaborately decorated capes.

Women had a choice between a wrap skirt or a stitched cylindrical style. Ornamental accessories were common among both men and women. Skirts, for example, were traditionally decorated with beads, silver or ribbons, while men were known for their facial piercings and paintings. Tattoos were typical among the Miami regardless of gender.

Women occasionally wore headbands decorated with beads and feathers, and women preferred to grow their hair long. Men's hairstyles were traditionally mohawks.

On their feet, the Miami wore a particular style of leather moccasin that was unique to their nation. These were comprised of two flaps that were joined between the center of the foot to the end of the toe.

Known for their interest in attractive fashions, the later Miami embraced European clothing styles, which they came into contact with through trading in the 18th century. The Miami do not typically wear their distinctive and traditional clothing anymore. However, moccasins and headbands are still worn by some, particularly for social or cultural events.