What Clothing Did Early Man Wear?

In general, early man wore clothing made from animal hides or crude prehistoric textiles. The type of clothing is dependent upon the era in which early man lived.

It is commonly thought that prehistoric man wore crude clothing made from animal hides. While this may be true, there is evidence to show that some clothing was made from crude textiles such as woven plant fibers. In fossils found dating back to the Ice Age, for example, evidence of caps, belts, skirts, and breast bands were found. All of these were made from plant fibers twined or woven together. The evidence of these textiles lends to the argument that women and the elderly took time to create specialized garments while the men were out hunting.

Most cavemen are depicted without shoes, but evidence from the Stone Age disproves this theory. In fact, fossils show different styles including sandals with pointed toes, round-toed slip-ons and sling-backed heels. In addition to specialized shoes, those from the Stone Age also wore woven clothing, much like those from the Ice Age. Since the weaving is so intricate, however, it is thought that this clothing was worn only for special ceremonies. Daily wear was, most likely, tunics and loincloths made from local animals.