What Clothes Did the Ancient Greeks Wear?

Most people in ancient Greece wore tunics, or chiton. It was a simple style of tunic worn by people of all ages and genders, consisting of a rectangular tube of material, usually linen, secured along the upper arms and shoulders by several fasteners.

The ancient Greeks also sometimes wore peplos on top of their chiton. The peplos was a piece of square fabric that was folded over its top third and pinned to the wearer's shoulders in such a way as to leave part of the garment open down one side. Yet another layer worn by the ancient Greece is the himation. This typically went on top of both the chiton and the peplos, and it was made out of a heavy fabric that was wrapped under the left arm and secured at the right shoulder. The chlamys was often worn by men in the military and consisted up a large rectangle of wool worn as a cloak and fastened at the right shoulder.

Typical undergarments for both men and women consisted of triangular loincloths called perizoma. Women at the time also wore a strophion, which was the equivalent of the modern brassiere. It was made from a wide band of linen or wool, which was wrapped around the chest and tied behind the shoulder blades.