Why Was Cleopatra Important?

Cleopatra was important as a powerful female ruler in Egypt, the last of Ptolemy XII’s Macedonian dynasty. She ruled Egypt as the dominant co-ruler for nearly 30 years and made powerful alliances with Rome through Julius Caesar and Marc Antony.

According to the History Channel, Cleopatra first took the Egyptian throne at age 17 along with her 10-year-old brother, Ptolemy XIII. When Ptolemy’s advisers caused Cleopatra to flee Egypt, she raised an army and fought to regain her throne. Cleopatra combined forces with Julius Caesar to defeat her brother, who is believed to have died shortly thereafter from drowning. The queen’s younger brother, Ptolemy XIV, ascended to co-ruler. After his death, Cleopatra and Julius Caesar’s young son, Ptolemy Caesar, became co-ruler of Egypt with his mother at age 3.