What Are Some Classic WWII Military Uniforms?


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Classic World War II military uniforms include the winter dress uniforms of U.S. Army and Air Force officers and the imposing black service uniforms of the German Gestapo. The U.S. Army winter dress uniform consisted of an olive tunic-style, belted jacket worn with pinkish-tan or olive-green slacks and brown shoes.

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Gestapo service uniforms consisted of wool gabardine tunic-style jackets with pointed flaps, turned up French cuffs and a single cross-strap epaulet button on the shoulder over black shirts and black, wool gabardine jodhpurs. Knee-high, black leather jackboots and swastika armbands completed the uniform, along with military decorations, service medals and other Nazi embellishments, such as the Iron Cross, and the distinctive, lightning bolt collar tabs that identified Gestapo members.

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