What Are Some Cities Named After Alexander the Great?

Some cities named after Alexander the Great are Alexandria in Egypt, Kandahar in Afghanistan and Iskandariya in Iraq. After conquering an area, Alexander would build a fortress, garrison it with troops and often name it after himself, so such cities exist or existed across the Middle East and Central Asia.

After coming to the throne of Macedon in 336 B.C., Alexander the Great embarked on an ambitious campaign, first consolidating Macedonian control over Greece and then moving to Asia Minor, Egypt, Persia, northern India and Central Asia. To help govern this vast territory, he set up new cities filled with his troops and native troops loyal to him. He named the cities after himself or those important to him.

Many modern cities, such as Ai-Khanoum in Afghanistan and Khujand in Tajikistan, once bore the name of Alexander.