Who Is Chris Putnam?

chris-putnam Credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Chris Putnam is a computer engineer who was hired by Facebook after successfully hacking the website in 2005. Chris Putnam created a virus that changed Facebook users' profiles to resemble profiles on MySpace, another popular social media site at the time.

Chris Putnam and two friends created a Facebook virus as a prank while studying at Georgia Southern University. The virus was spread by infected users viewing other users' profiles. The virus caused the infected user's profile page to be reformatted to look like a MySpace profile and began deleting contact information. The virus spread rapidly and in less than one day Facebook was receiving complaints about the issue. The virus had even spread to Facebook's internal test accounts. According to Business Insider, Facebook tracked the virus back to Chris Putnam and he was contacted by Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz. Chris Putnam formed a friendship with Moskovitz after discussing the details of the virus. Facebook offered Chris Putnam an interview and later hired him. Chris Putnam later revealed he was worried the interview was a set-up and he would be arrested when he arrived for the interview. He worked for the company until 2010 and created the video application and improved the photo uploader of the site. Chris Putnam is featured as an emoticon in the chat function of Facebook.