What Are Some Facts About the Chickasaw Native Americans?


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The Chickasaw Native Americans made up a small tribe that settled in the Southeast United States after migrating from the West. The tribe settled along riverbanks and waterways throughout Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, Missouri and Kentucky.

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The word "Chickasaw" actually stands for rebel or rebellion; a fitting term for a tribe that made many enemies. Chickasaws were also considered to have warlike tendencies and were constantly fighting with neighboring tribes and the French. This tribe was also known for using extreme forms of torture, such as execution, public whipping, beatings and so on. The Chickasaw tribe is one of the many that were forced to Oklahoma when President Andrew Jackson passed the Indian Removal Act of 1830.

Named one of the Five Civilized Tribes by the white settlers, the Chickasaw were likely given this title due to their conversion to Christianity and relatively advanced form of government. The diets of these people consisted mainly of beans, corn and squash, but they also enjoyed nuts, fruits, herbs, deer and other wildlife. They were also known for their beautiful colored baskets and containers. Sassafras and sumac were used to make colored dyes for decorating these baskets and other crafts. When the tribe was forced to move to Oklahoma, they switched to making other crafts like beadwork and beaded jewelry.

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