What Are Some Facts About the Chickasaw Culture?


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One fact about Chickasaw culture is that the Chickasaw have maintained roots to their traditional cuisine and incorporated local agriculture to support this, according to Chickasaw.net. Other facts about the tribal culture in 2015 are that language preservation is a priority, and tribal leadership emphasizes creating business opportunities for the community.

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The Chickasaw Nation is a large tribal community with autonomous leadership and its own constitution that, from the mid-1800s, has established a homeland in southern Oklahoma, states Chickasaw.net. The tribe runs a program that mutually benefits local agriculture and schools. The Farm to School program, mentioned on Chickasaw.net, promotes farming beans, squash and corn, referred to as “The Three Sisters,” which is then used in the school meal programs to prepare traditional dishes.

In 2007, the tribe began a native language revitalization program to preserve the language and teach younger generations. As of November 2015, the Linguistic Society of America asserts that there are fewer than 75 speakers of the native language. The revitalization program seeks to expand the language and offers an immersion apprentice program, a youth group, weekly classes and even a language learning app. With longstanding cultural traditions of trade, the leaders of the Chickasaw Nation support a number of business endeavors, mentioned by ChickasawCountry.com. These efforts include cultural handicrafts and arts, casino and gaming centers, and tourism throughout the tribal lands.

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