What Are Some Characteristics of Hopi Homes?


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The Hopi tribe of Native American Indians traditionally live in stacked apartment dwellings called pueblos. These pueblos are built from adobe mud, dirt, dried clay and stone, and are only accessible to outsiders by ladder. The dwellings tend to be multi-story and ahave flat roofs. The pueblo's interior is relatively sparse and typically includes a hearth for cooking and warmth and a subterranean room called a kiva that is used for religious gatherings and ceremonies.

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The Hopi Indians are not the only tribe in the American southwest to live in communities structured around pueblos. The Pueblo tribe of Native Americans includes groups from Acoma, Jenez, Nambe, San Felipe, Santa Ana and several other regions of New Mexico. The word "pueblo" means "town" in Spanish, and the pueblo, along with its surrounding cornfields, is the individual unit of settlement for these tribes.

The Hopi people still inhabit the Black Mesa region of northwest Arizona. Historically, the Hopi were a small and peaceful tribe surrounded by the larger and more powerful Navajo tribe. The Hopi people are considered distinct from other Pueblo tribes due to their difficult and complex language, which is a descendant of multiple Aztec languages and is unlike any other language spoken by tribes in the region.

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