Which Characteristics Best Describe the Assyrians?

The Assyrians were a highly advanced ancient people group with an empire that spanned from modern-day Iraq to Turkey, according to the Ancient History Encyclopedia. The empire became very affluent through the merchant trade in Anatolia.

In addition to affluence and cultural advancement, the Assyrians were also a highly militaristic culture, according to the Ancient History Encyclopedia. The empire's expansionist traits, combined with a bureaucratic system, allowed it to flourish and become the most successful of all the Mesopotamian empires. This military success was largely attributed to the decisive military action and highly developed strategies of the Assyrians.

Organization was another key characteristic of the ancient Assyrian empire, according to UShistory.org. The Assyrian military was able to accomplish such feats as the conquest of the Egyptian Middle Kingdom in a single month with highly organized troops, divided into ranks of cavalry, charioteers, bowmen and lancers.

The Assyrians were also technologically advanced, due to a corps of engineers who developed innovations to make troops more successful on the battlefield. UShistory.org also explains that the Assyrians were known for their extremely aggressive nature during war, including the use of torture to spread fear and intimidation among the people they conquered on the battlefield.