Where Can You Find Facts About All the U.S. Presidents?


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One of the most reliable sources of information on all of the U.S. presidents is History.com. The site offers fact pages and live-actor videos on each president, and is regularly updated to reflect the most current facts available.

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In addition to each president's page and video, there are dozens of other informative videos, detailing everything from the History of the First Lady to high-profile scandals, friendships and catastrophes. Other options on History.com include presidential fun-facts, birthdays, a "Find-Out More" section that offers less-known facts, and historical accounts of other happenings during each president's term in office.

Every president had to start with a campaign, and the "Path to the Podium" section chronicles where, and how, the roads to Office began, including details of what happens behind the scenes of a presidential debate, and what campaign slogans have proven to be the most successful. There is also a search option for anything not clearly available, or if a specific fact is needed. When the presidential research is complete, there is a video that teaches not only the history of the White House, but also how it was built, as well as a video that shares facts about the various presidential monuments.

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