How Can You Find What Significant Historical Events Happened on a Certain Date?


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"This Day in History" websites, such as OnThisDay.com or BrainyHistory.com list major historical events that occurred on a given day. In addition to events, both websites have sections for birthdays and deaths of historical figures on a particular day.

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Historical events covered by these sites primarily cover the A.D. era of history. However, they often include a couple of events before Christ, such as Ezra reading the book of the law to the Israelites in Jerusalem on Oct. 31, 445 B.C. The site also covers historical events of the 21st century, such as the landfall of Typhoon Haiyan in the Phillipines on Nov. 8, 2013.

Historical events occur in very different areas of society. For example, OnThisDay's page for November 11 includes several war-related events, such as the Battle of Durenstein during the Napoleonic War of 1805 and the World War I armistice between the Allies and Germany in 1918. BrainyHistory's page for November 11 also discusses technological achievements such as the telescope's patent in 1851 and the launch of Gemini 12 in 1966. Important events in the world of entertainment, such as Jim Morrison's arrest by the FBI in 1969 and the premiere of "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire" in 2013, also appear on OnThisDay's page for November 11.

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