Where Can Respectful and Historic Images of Native American Culture Be Found?

Historic and respectful photos of Native Americans and Native American culture are available online from History.com and CBSNews.com. History.com also provides articles, videos and speeches on Native American culture. CBS News offers a gallery of 25 portrait style photos of Native Americans from numerous tribes during the early 1900s.

Three categories for Native American photos are provided by History.com: tribes and cultures, legislation and battles. The Native American tribes and culture gallery contains images of clothing, buildings, art, weapons and well-known historical figures. In the Native American legislation gallery, users may find photos of important political moments in Native history. These important moments include "The Longest Walk" march in Washington, D.C., Harold Ikes approving the first North American Indian Tribe Constitution and a photo of Native Americans gathering in New Mexico to register to vote.

Famous warriors included in the Native American battles gallery include Sitting Bull, Low Dog and Tecumseh. Sitting Bull was a Hunkpapa Sioux chief who led his tribe to victory in the Battle of Bighorn in 1876. Low Dog was another Sioux chief who fought during the Battle of Bighorn. Tecumseh was a Shawnee leader who helped reverse land sale deals between various Native tribes and the United States government. Many of the photos in this gallery are drawings or paintings and not actual photographs.