Where Can You Find Pictures for Black History Month?

can-pictures-black-history-month Credit: Steve Cicero/Photolibrary/Getty Images

Pictures for Black History Month can be found online on the websites Time for Kids, History.com, Esquire and AfricanAmericanHistoryMonth.gov. All four of these websites offer collections of photos that are relevant to Black History month in different ways.

Esquire shares 21 photos that depict various famous male African Americans whom the magazine has previously interviewed. Each photo is accompanied by a quote from that individual. Among the men featured are Mohammad Ali, Buck O'Neil, Chuck Berry and Al Green.

AfricanAmericanHistoryMonth.gov shares a gallery of 28 pictures, some photographs, some drawings. The selected pictures and artwork depict African Americans throughout history, including such figures as Phillis Wheatley, poet and Negro servant, and President Barack Obama. Some of the pictures depict anonymous African American soldiers who served in the Civil War, as well as pictures showing the forced segregation of the 1960s and the Civil Rights Movement.

Time for Kids offers various articles and pictures for students to view, including a captioned slideshow of inspiring African Americans. The site also has printable activities, time lines, videos and articles to teach students about Black History. The explanation of pictures and content on this site is thorough. History.com contains a gallery under Black History Month dedicated to black women politicians, a minority that often receives little focus.