Where Can You Find Facts About Paul Revere?


The History Channel and Biography A&E Television Networks sites both offer extensive information and facts about Paul Revere, although it is also possible to find facts about the historical character from books in the library. These online sites are easy to access from home and follow Revere from his birth in 1735 to his death in 1818.

Revere is perhaps most well known for his horse ride announcing the British invasion with minutemen utilizing his lantern system. Revere was a colonialist as well as a silversmith who was an active participant in the revolutionary fight for freedom, including the Boston Tea Party, the manufacturing of gunpowder for the army and the printing of money for the army.

Revere was born in Boston and lived there for most of his life. He married at a young age and had eight children with his first wife. After her death, he remarried and had another eight children. Due to his many family responsibilities, Revere not only worked as a crafter, including work as a goldsmith and engraver, but also as a dentist. Revere had a healthy income, but he saw that many people around him did not and he worried that he might struggle financially if the British continued to create trade problems. This prompted Revere to reach out to others and join the revolutionary fight.