Where Can You Find Lists of Historians' Top 10 U.S. Presidents?


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Find top ten lists of the historians' presidential rankings at C-SPAN.org, CNN.com and the New York Daily News. In conjunction with C-SPAN, the 65 historians ranked each president by 10 leadership qualities, including public persuasion, economic management, international relations and moral authority.

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The top ten presidents listed on the C-SPAN 2009 list include the president who abolished slavery, Abraham Lincoln; the country's first president, George Washington; and three presidents who laid the foundation for the global dominance that the United States has enjoyed since the 1950s: Franklin D. Roosevelt, Theodore Roosevelt and Harry S. Truman.

The list ranks all 42 American presidents. Of the recent presidents, it ranks Bill Clinton at number 15 and George W. Bush at 36.

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