Where Can You Learn Facts About Sioux Indians?


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Indians.org is a rich resource for finding facts about the Sioux Indian tribe. More facts are available on the websites BigOrrin.org and HistoryForKids.org, which are academic sites geared towards children learning history.

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Where Can You Learn Facts About Sioux Indians?
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Indians.org is a website dedicated to spreading accurate information regarding Native Americans in order to help keep their culture and knowledge intact. The website provides a brief yet detailed overview of the Sioux Indians. It discusses their origins, lifestyle and relationship with the American government along with the current situation of Sioux descendants. The website also offers links to outside sources with more information.

BigOrrin.org specializes in information appropriate for schoolchildren who may be learning about Native Americans in traditional schools or at home. It provides a page of frequently asked questions and their answers about the Lakota and Dakota Sioux Indian tribes and a page detailing the tribes' languages. The site also provides numerous hyperlinks that redirect readers to more specific sources and lists of additional references and resources for further reading.

HistoryForKids.org also uses language appropriate for younger audiences. The site discusses the evolving relationship between the Sioux people and other tribes and European settlers from the 17th through the 20th century. It also provides information about the early history of the Sioux people.

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