What Can You Learn From Historical Charts?


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Historical charts provide different kinds of information, including time lines of historical events and depictions of how places or behaviors have changed over time. Some charts display information about the lives of historically significant people.

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Time lines are one of the most popular types of historical chart. History time lines typically list the dates of a historical period and match these dates to particular events. Time lines may focus on a long period of time or on a more specific event, like a war. They may have simple lines with text or colorful illustrations. Many web sites offer free history time lines and other charts, including TimelinesWS.com, WorldHistoryCharts.com and InfoPlease.com.

TimelinesWS.com has a free time line that begins with the Big Bang, or the theoretical creation of the universe. The site also offers shorter time lines. For example, there is a list of notable births, deaths and other events from 1898-1899.

WorldHistoryCharts.com sells time lines for world, European and American history. Many of the time lines have colorful pictures and eye-catching designs, which may appeal to history students. This site also offers a free chart of famous American authors. Although the chart is limited in scope, it includes pictures and biographical details of notable authors. Other charts on the site provide information about famous photographs, paintings and philosophers. A chart on the Hindu gods and goddesses organizes basic information about Hinduism. These free charts may be appropriate starting points for elementary or high school history research projects.

The time line archive at InfoPlease.com offers basic charts for world, European and American history. These present textual information without accompanying images. However, they are more detailed than some of the charts at WorldHistoryCharts.com. Each chart includes links to further information on historical subjects.

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