Where Can You Find Interesting Facts About Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Childhood?

Interesting facts about the childhood of civil rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr. can be found at websites such as History Channel, Today I Found Out and Ducksters. In addition to facts about his childhood, these sites provide a detailed biography of Dr. King's life and legacy.

The History Channel's website offers a top-10 list of things not generally known about Dr. King as well as a comprehensive biography and short video. The site gives detailed biographies and information regarding historical people, events and places. It offers special daily articles such as "This Day In History" and links to the text and audio of famous speeches.

At Today I Found Out, 20 interesting facts about Dr. King are among the many articles on all types of information including history, entertainment, animals, people and science. The site features a downloadable podcast, videos and a newsletter to which readers can subscribe.

Duckster's biography of Dr. King, follows his life's work and adds interesting facts about his childhood. The site specializes in fun educational materials and projects. The site offers history, science, math and geography Web portals appropriate for grades kindergarten through grade 8. The site also offers homework assignments and educational games.