Where Can You Find Information on Henry Hudson?


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Very general information on Henry Hudson can be found in encyclopedias, such as the Encyclopedia Britannica. Detailed information can also be found in online resources such as Wikipedia. For the extremely detailed information, try Georg Michael Asher's biography of Hudon, entitled "Henry Hudson the Navigator."

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Henry Hudson was an English navigator and explorer active in the early 17th century. He is best known for his attempt at navigating the Arctic Circle in order to find a suitable route along the Northwest Passage to China. The Hudson River in New York, which he once explored, is named in his honor. Henry Hudson is a public figure, so many details of his life can be found within biographies, such as Douglas Hunter's "Half Moon: Henry Hudson and the voyage that redrew the map of the New World" and primary sources, like Robert Juet's "Juet's Journal of Hudson's 1609 Voyage."

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