Where Can You Find Facts About George Washington?

Facts about George Washington can be found on the Biography, History and Mount Vernon websites. The White House website also features a basic biography of the former President that is taken from a work by Frank Freidel and Hugh Sidey.

The Biography.com website features a quick facts section with basic information available at a glance, such as birth and death dates. The main article includes a brief overview of Washington's life followed by a detailed article divided into important sections so that facts can be easily be found. A video mini-biography provides images and audio to supplement the text. Some famous quotes from Washington are listed.

History.com features a detailed biography divided into sections based on factual categories. Within the article, important names are linked to biography and location pages so readers can understand the context surrounding Washington's life. Multiple videos are available on the page for audiovisual information. The site also offers photo galleries, with each image accompanied by a fact.

Mount Vernon's website includes a lot of information about George Washington as a person, as well as the estate where he lived for a large portion of his life. Videos, a virtual tour and text articles provide ample facts and information about Washington.