Where Can You Download Free MLK Day Clip Art?

Fg-a.com and DownloadFreePictures.com provide Martin Luther King, Jr. Day clip art free of charge. DownloadFreePictures.com also features a variety of other images related to Martin Luther King, Jr.

Fg-a.com provides a wide assortment of freely downloadable clip art in dozens of categories including holidays. In the holiday section, there are 13 MLK Day art clips, as of September 2015, all of them in JPEG format. A statement at the bottom of the page claims that the images used in the clips are widely disseminated images in the public domain. The site requests that anyone who saves and uses the clips give the site credit.

DownloadFreePictures.com features hundreds of high-resolution clip art images presented in categories from Aircrafts to Yom Kippur. There are 14 MLK Day art clips in the Martin Luther King Day category. This category also features free pictures of Martin Luther King, Jr as a child, as well as images that contain his quotes about love and wallpapers designed with his image. DownloadFreePictures.com provides a mobile friendly platform that allows users to share pictures easily on the site with others on social-networking platforms such as Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day is a federal holiday marking the birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr., observed on the third Monday in January of each year.