Where Can You Buy Maps of the British Empire?


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Purchase maps of the British Empire on sites such as All Posters, Maps of India, Ali Express, World Maps Online or Swaen. The majority of these sites offer recently designed posters featuring the empire, while the Swaen website features antique maps created during the empire's existence.

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Both All Posters and Ali Express offer physical copies of maps of the British Empire, and these maps are decorated with art typical of the era. World Maps Online sells detailed maps of the British Empire featuring legends, artwork and geographical features of the lands Britain once occupied. These maps are also available in physical form. Maps of India sells world maps featuring territories the British Empire used to possess; these territories are color-coded in pink, and the maps are for sale in digital JPEG formats. The prices for maps among these four websites vary widely, from $4 to $100.

The Swaen website sells antique maps of the British Empire that were created during its height. These maps are not replicas, and each one comes with a reference to the original cartographer, its date of production, its location of origin and its official name. The prices for these maps range in the thousands of dollars.

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