Where Can You Buy Civil War Uniform Buttons?


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Civil War uniform buttons are found on collector's sites or online auction sites such as eBay. Reproduction Civil War uniform buttons are also found for sale online at sites such as Amazon. Civil War uniform buttons are some of the most sought-after military artifacts in the United States, and depending on the type, they command hundreds or even thousands of dollars in price.

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Civil War uniform buttons are classified as either "dug" or "non-dug," depending on whether they were excavated or not. During the Civil War era, buttons were manufactured in one of three ways, so collectors find one-piece, two-piece and staff buttons. Staff buttons are two-piece buttons that have an extra rim around the outside to hold the two pieces together.

Some of the most sought-after buttons from the Civil War are referred to as cast buttons. Cast buttons include the stamp of the Confederate States of America, CSA. Other Civil War uniform buttons were made with state seals, soldier initials and other markings, and this is true for both North and South Civil War uniform buttons. Another interesting element of Civil War uniform buttons includes the back marks. Buttons manufactured during the Civil War may have the manufacturer's name stamped on the back side, but not all do.

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