What Is Caesar Augustus Famous For?

Caesar Augustus is famous for being the first emperor of Rome and stabilizing the empire. Augustus is also famous for his military prowess and his change of name and presentation. He lived from 63 B.C. to 14 A.D.

Born Octavius, then called Octavian, Augustus was named heir by Julius Caesar at age 16. As Octavian, he rallied troops and allies against Mark Antony and Cleopatra, eventually winning the war and uniting Rome under his rule. Once he had the rule, he changed his name to Augustus and set out to show a different side of himself.

Where Octavian was a warrior, Augustus put on a face of serenity and piety as he tried to bring Rome back to its traditional roots with new laws. In order to endear himself to the population, he worked to improve the city of Rome and beautify it. He also greatly extended the empire and brought numerous lands under Roman control. He brought about social, political and military reform by expanding the road network, creating Rome's first standing army and establishing some essential factions, such as a fire department and postal service.

Augustus is also very famous for the numerous works he had made in his honor. Statues, carvings and coins were created to ensure his memory lived on well after his death.