How Do You Build a Small Teepee?

How Do You Build a Small Teepee?

Build a small teepee by leaning either three poles into each other to form a conical shape, securing the poles at the top, and then covering them with water-resistant fabric or traditional animal hide. Attach ties to allow the door opening to be secured.

A teepee is a portable housing structure used by Native Americans who lived on the Great Plains. The ease of building a teepee structure and its portability make it a popular building project for children and campers.

Select three poles for the teepee. Use more is desired. Poles are traditionally made of lightweight wood, such as pine or cedar, but a modern teepee might be made with PVC, fiberglass, bamboo or metal poles as well. Select a pole length that allows for the desired height and diameter of the teepee. Prop the poles together and secure them with rope.

Animal hide is the traditional teepee cover. In lieu of a seasoned hide, cover modern teepees with waxed canvas or another waterproof fabric. Obtain a very large piece, or sew several pieces together to completely cover the structure. Lay the cover out on the ground, find the center point, and cut a hole for the poles to protrude. Cut a flap for the door.

To make a more permanent teepee structure, finish the fabric edges and install ties for the door flaps.