What Was a Blacksmith in Colonial Times?


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In colonial times, a blacksmith was instrumental in the manufacture of weapons as well as household tools and decorations. Blacksmiths worked in conjunction with gunsmiths and machinists.

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Blacksmiths used hammers, tongs, chisels, anvils, cutters and drills to shape charcoal iron, and they also heated and welded iron and steel on forges. They created farming tools, cooking hardware, nails, hinges and latches. By the 1830s, blacksmiths' tools were commercially sold in England and the colonies. Blacksmiths were instrumental in transportation by creating horseshoes for oxen and horses, and they also repaired vehicles. They created intricate ironwork for household decorative items. As far as weaponry, blacksmiths repaired guns for warships, made gun barrels and created knives and axes.

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