Who Was Black Inventor Robert Flemming Jr.?

Robert Flemming Jr. is best known for inventing the guitar. Growing tired of the same musical sound of that time period, Flemming Jr. developed the popular instrument on March 3, 1886. Other than the fact that he was an African American male from Mississippi, all other peripheral details about Robert Flemming Jr.'s life are a mystery.

While a year of death is unknown, he was born in 1857 in Mississippi. Robert Flemming Jr. has little to no biographical information in history books. Though information on the life of Robert Flemming Jr. is virtually nonexistent, he is widely regarded as the father of the guitar. He filed a patent for the popular instrument at the United States Patent office on March 3, 1886. It was granted on March 30, 1886. The patent includes pictures of the invented instrument, bearing a strong resemblance to the acoustic guitar of today. Also included in the patent are instructions on how to use the new device. While there is great debate as to the exact origins of guitar music, Flemming Jr. is the person who filed the patent and takes credit for the invention of the beloved instrument. Concrete familial and occupational information about Robert Flemming Jr. is unavailable as of 2014.