Why Was Birmingham so Important in 1963?

birmingham-important-1963 Credit: Getty Images/Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

Birmingham was important in 1963 because it was in this Alabama city that a very crucial civil rights campaign was born and met with some success. Project C, or the Birmingham Campaign, began in the spring of that year.

The purpose of the campaign was to end the segregation that existed in the city. Lunch counter sit-ins, boycotts of local businesses and marches on city hall all contributed to the campaign, which served as a turning point for the Civil Rights Movement in America. The launch of the campaign came at a high cost. The people of the city reacted cruelly to the protests, turning powerful water hoses and police dogs on the participants. In the end, however, the "black only" and "white only" signs commonly found around the city were removed. The Civil Rights Movement was, from this point on, a force with which to be reckoned.