Is a Biography of Abraham Lincoln for Kids Available?


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A biography of Abraham Lincoln suitable for children is available at Ducksters, an educational website. In addition, Mrnussbaum.com contains several biographical articles on Abraham Lincoln.

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Is a Biography of Abraham Lincoln for Kids Available?
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Ducksters contains a full biography of Abraham Lincoln, provided in full on a single page of its website. The biography provides some basic facts about the former president, a brief overview of the most important parts of his life, and some fun activities to aid learning, such as an Abraham Lincoln word search.

Mrnussbaum.com contains several pages on the life of Lincoln, including one that covers his presidency. The presidential election of 1860 and Lincoln's activities during the Civil War are covered on separate pages. Mrnussbaum.com also covers Lincoln's early childhood, his marriage to Mary Todd and his legacy.

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