What Are Some of Benjamin Franklin's Inventions?


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Some of Benjamin Franklin's inventions include the lightning rod, bifocal eyeglasses, the glass armonica and the Franklin stove. Benjamin Franklin is also credited with creating the odometer and the first political cartoon in American history.

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The lightning rod was developed after Franklin's famous kite flying experiment in 1752. This experiment proved that lightning was electricity. As a result of this experiment, Benjamin Franklin developed the first lightning rod which was designed to be attached on the outside wall of a house. One end of the lightning rod would jut upwards into the sky while the other end would be connected to a cable leading into the ground. This design sent the electric charge of a lightning strike into the ground, reducing fires caused by lightning strikes in the United States and Europe.

Benjamin Franklin invented bifocal eyeglasses in 1784 to compensate for his diminishing eyesight. Prior to its invention, Franklin needed two separate lenses to see long and short distances with accuracy. The first bifocal design was simply a pair of glasses with long distance lenses at the top half and short distance lenses below it.

In 1752, Benjamin Franklin published a drawing titled "Join, or die," which contained a picture of a snake divided into eight segments. Each piece was meant to depict a colony and the illustration is generally referred to as America's first political cartoon. The illustration was initially published on the Pennsylvania Gazette and was reproduced widely in the American colonies.

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