What Are the Benefits of an Absolute Monarchy?


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The benefits of an absolute monarchy include the ability to raise people to rule, provide stable leadership, create swift change and the inability of the leader to blame others for his or her ruling. In the modern world there is only one absolute monarchy, the Vatican, due to its emphasis on a single leader.

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One of the benefits of an absolute monarchy is that the leader is chosen from the royal family or from an elite class whose children have been raised to lead. This means that the people put into office as adults will have had training since childhood that deals specifically with what it means to lead. This does not, however, guarantee that the children will grow up to be good leaders.

Another benefit of an absolute monarchy is its ability to provide stable leadership. There are no interruptions with elections and the leadership is the same each year. It also gives the opportunity for the leader to make significant change in the lives of the citizens and the country because the leader does not need to obtain approval from anyone in order to implement new rules. The leader also is able to make all decisions on his or her own and therefore cannot place blame on anyone else.

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