Who Are Some Bad Leaders From History?

Some bad leaders in history include Mao Zedong, Joseph Stalin, Adolf Hitler and Leopold II of Belgium. Mao Zedong is responsible for the death of approximately 65 million people, Joseph Stalin for the death of 23 million people and Adolf Hitler for the death of 17 million people.

Mao Zedong was a Chinese revolutionary and communist leader, who attempted to 'socialize' the Chinese people. He ruled from 1945-1976, and his biggest enemy was intellectualism, leading him to call for the attack and murder of scholars, doctors, lawyers, artists, teachers and other intellectuals. Zedong had over 1,000 forced labor camps across China where prisoners worked 14-hour long days in terrible conditions with little to no food and water. Millions of people starved to death across China due to a lack of food, new implementation of disastrous farming methods and famine.

Leopold II of Belgium was the king of Belgium from 1865-1909. He was a firm believer in colonialism and worked to acquire colonies. While king, he established his own private company, the International African Society. He used that company to conquer an area in Africa and form the Congo Free State. There, with his own private militia, he used forced labor, slavery and mutilation to create a booming rubber industry. He was responsible for the deaths of approximately 3-15 million Congolese people.