What Is Archimedes’ Full Name?

The son of a mathematician and astronomer named Phidias, Archimedes’ full name is Archimedes of Syracuse. He was a world renowned scientist who was born in Syracuse, Italy, in the colony of Magna Gracia in 287 B.C. Archimedes of Syracuse was famous for his achievements in engineering, weapons-designing, astronomy and mathematics.

After learning all that he could from his teachers in Syracuse, Archimedes relocated to Egypt so that he could continue his studies in Alexandria. After leaving and returning to Syracuse, Archimedes went on to invent the sciences of hydro statics and mechanics. He pioneered the laws of pulleys and levers, which made it possible for people to move heavy objects using small forces. Archimedes also invented a tool called the Archimedean screw that was used to drain ships of rain water and is still used throughout the world today by developing countries as an irrigation tool.