What Are Some Facts About the Arapaho Tribe?


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The Arapaho tribe were Plains Indians who lived in Colorado, Wyoming, Nebraska and Kansas. They spoke the Algonquian language. Like many other Plains Indians, the Arapaho tribe were nomadic hunters who used tepees as their primary form of housing. Villages were ready to move in an hour because the tepees were made of wooden poles and animal skins.

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Some famous leaders of the Arapaho tribe include Black Bear, Plenty Bear, Sorrell Horse, Little Raven and Left Hand. The men of the tribe were the hunters, while the women took care of the home. They made their clothing primarily of animal skins sewn together with deer sinew. The men wore breechcloths, belts and fringed tunics and left their legs bare. The women wore long dresses made of buckskin and covered them with cloaks. Both men and women sometimes wore leggings that they decorated with fringe.

The Arapaho were one of the Planes Tribes that wore war bonnets as symbols of honor and accomplishment. Other tribes that wore war bonnets were the Sioux, Crow, Blackfoot, Cheyenne and Plains Cree. These war bonnets consisted of a cap or band decorated with feathers, ermine fur and beadwork. Arapaho men and women wore their hair in long braids that they decorated with feathers for special occasions.

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