What Was Ancient Greek Money Called?

The most common type of money that was used in Greece was called the drachma and was the official currency of Athens. Although it was Athens currency, it could be used in most of the cities of Greece because Athens had strong trade relations with the rest of the cities.

Before 600 B.C., the people of Greece did not have an established currency system. They relied on a bartering and trading system that worked well until production of goods began to increase in some of the cities while it decreased in others. Because of this, each of the city-states in Greece began to mint their own coins. These coins were specific to the area and could usually only be used in the area that they were minted. There were many merchants that would only take coins from their own city-states. Shops were set up in these areas to help travelers exchange the money they had from these areas. Travelers could get their currency changed to the correct coins for the area, but they often had to pay around five or six percent of the money that was being exchanged in fees. The only exception to the currency being accepted was currency that came from Athens.