What Are Some Facts About Ancient Egyptian Culture?


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Ancient Egyptian culture spans over 6,000 years of history, and while many historical relics from this time were left behind, there is still much about the Egyptians that historians do not know. Egypt was one of the oldest civilizations and dates back to 4500 BCE.

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What Are Some Facts About Ancient Egyptian Culture?
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Among the most notable relics of ancient Egypt are the famous pyramids, the first of which was constructed in 2780 BCE. However, the most famous of the pyramids in Giza did not begin construction until almost 200 years later, in 2575 BCE. Construction of Egypt's largest pyramid took over 20 years. Though widely believed to be have been built by slaves, modern historians believe the pyramids were constructed by Egyptian workers in the employ of the pharaoh.

The pyramids were of great historical importance to the ancient Egyptians because they served as the burial sites for their kings. The ancient Egyptians believed that securing the proper burial helped people to transition into the world of the dead. In the case of pharaohs, who were already divine beings, the pyramids were an important part of helping them in their journey into the afterlife.

Many of the relics associated with the pyramids were lost over time due to grave robbing, with some of the earliest accounts of grave robbing occurring as far back as the ninth century.

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